NLI lifestyle communities a favorite among TV ad production groups 

For over 19 years in the business, NorthPine Land, Inc. continues to keep its promise to make not just quality homes but impressive lifestyle projects for the middle-income market. One proof that the company has reached success is the fact that its projects are a favorite setting for TV commercial shoots. The model houses and amenities in all of NLI’s property developments possess beauty in both interior and exterior appearances which are loved by motion cameras. Among the brands which have already used NLI’s project sites are: Quaker Oats, Fiesta Pasta, Mc Donald’s, Jollibee,...

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NLI: Making dreams come to life now more rewarding 

NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) one of the country’s trusted property developers, recently introduced a new rewards program for its brokers and agents through its NLI and RFO Rewards Cards. Brokers and sellers were presented with rewards cards that will allow them to earn points for selling properties developed by the company. Points are equivalent to incentives and bonuses which shall be granted upon certain completions. The NLI Sellers Network during the program orientation.   The coffee shop-themed event adapted by NLI was likewise attended by homebuyers. Guests were...

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The Final Quest  NLI celebrates outstanding feats

NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) recently held its Annual Sales Awards to honor its outstanding sellers for the year 2014. The event was held at The Glass Garden in Pasig City. Aerialists from premier group Airdance opened the event in a heart-stopping performance that wowed the audience. With the previous year’s battle cry, Soar in 2014, the event was inspired by the film Wizard of Oz. It was in line with the company’s quarterly award-giving celebrations carrying the same motivational themes that reflect perseverance, ascendancy and success. The Broker Heads together with NLI’s...

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9 Simple Tricks to Make Your House Pet-Friendly 

Having a pet at home means taking in responsibility.
Once you decide to buy or adopt any kind of pet there is, you are already signing up for a long-term commitment. It takes a mature and responsible person to stand up for an obligation to sustain the life of another being.

Keeping a pet at home is serious work. Aside from being somewhat helpless without you, pets also create mess and are basically vulnerable to some things around the house. If you really care about your pets, you will build a house conducive for them.   Below are just some of the things...

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