Choosing a community that is child-friendly 

Children must be the number one priority in every family more than anything else. Parents hold the responsibility to secure a protected environment where children can live comfortably and without any fear of danger. Surely, no parent can ever bear the idea of risking his child to any unfortunate events. The challenge for every family these days lie in looking for communities where such precautions are clearly given high importance. When considering a child-friendly community, the following are the important factors to look for: 1.       Assured...

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9 Simple Tricks to Make Your House Pet-Friendly 

Having a pet at home means taking in responsibility.
Once you decide to buy or adopt any kind of pet there is, you are already signing up for a long-term commitment. It takes a mature and responsible person to stand up for an obligation to sustain the life of another being.

Keeping a pet at home is serious work. Aside from being somewhat helpless without you, pets also create mess and are basically vulnerable to some things around the house. If you really care about your pets, you will build a house conducive for them.   Below are just some of the things...

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Greenwoods: It’s all possible 

Living in Greenwoods means being close to nature, living in comfort and style and not lacking things to do. This makes the neighborhood a perfect place for individuals and families alike.   With seven unique sub-communities namely: Greenwoods, Greenwood Heights, Norfolk Ridge, Parkview, Primrose Place, Rosewood and The Prime, you will never run out of options on the kind of lifestyle you want to have. Fall in love with Greenwoods as you go through these lovely shots of the community.  Life Trail In this 85-hectare space, there is never a lack of good spots to...

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Beautifying your home through Pinterest 

Beautifying your home through Pinterest One way to express your creativity and personality is by arranging and decorating your home. Sometimes the only thing we lack to actually start doing this fun task is inspiration. Enter Pinterest- the super cool social media network that lets you have unlimited access to all things that suit your tastes. NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), one of the country’s trusted real estate developers, owns a lineup of projects that showcase excellent model houses and interiors that are definitely Pinterest- worthy.  Below are the selected...

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