10 Clever Tricks to Maximize Floor Space 

Every home owner wants extra space on their floor area no matter what size their house is. The added space gives comfort and ease when moving around the house. It also makes the house less cramped and more beautiful.

For some areas, adding floor space is as easy as decluttering the house, throwing away unnecessary items, and moving the furniture around. But for other houses, it takes more than organizing and cleaning to maximize living space. You have to be clever to make the most of your beloved home.

Here are a few tips you can undertake:


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Home Alone: A Single Home Buyer's Guide 

One is not a sign of weakness, but of strength, especially if that one is going to invest on a dream home--solo!

Buying a house single-handedly is no joke. But it is also not something close to impossible. However, it requires tons of commitment, loads of perseverance, and X amount of money in order to survive the whole process.

Nevertheless, you need not be terrified to buy your dream house as early as in your 20's or 30's. You do not necessarily need a partner or a co-buyer just to fulfill your desire to get a house of your own. You can do it...

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5 Simple Ways for a Child-Friendly Home 

Child safety is the top priority of all parents. They make sure their children live in a safe and loving home where kids can explore, play, and grow freely. But even at home, there are a lot of potential threats to kids. Accidents happen inside and outside of the house, but as a parent, you can prevent serious harm if you childproof your abode. According to some studies, young kids are more vulnerable to hazards at home because they spend most of their time indoors. In the Philippines, one of the leading causes of death in Filipino children is traumatic injury. Because of this, the...

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There's Something in the Wind New project to breeze in DasmariƱas, Cavite

NorthPine Land (NLI), one of the country’s trusted real estate developers, recently announced that it will soon launch a 5-hectare development in Dasmariñas, Cavite.  The project is located at Greenwoods, a thriving community known for its array of amenities and features. Once developed, this stunning project will showcase Modern American Country-themed houses in cool, sunny hues complemented with cozy porches and striking corner windows. The line-up of house models include: Anila, Brisa, Camira, Damara and Era with floor areas ranging from 58 sq. m. to 134 sq....

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