Montana Views Food and Finds 

Montana Views Food and FindsApril1, 8 & 22
Fun things await for everyone this Summer 2017! 
Eat, chill, bond, discover! Montana Views Food and Finds is the newest weekend hangout place where you can:    Treat yourself to an exciting food adventure! We have an array of food stalls that sell munchies to satisfy your     cravings.
    Connect with family and friends as you listen to a live acoustic band. Music will fill the air as you enjoy the night     together.

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Montana Views Open House  March 11

Discover a community of promise located at the City of San Fernando and Mexico, Pampanga! 
See you this Saturday for an Open House at Montana Views! #montanaviews #lifeshinesanew #muntanakingmontana

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Montana Views Open House 

See you for another Open House this Saturday at Montana Views!
Contact us for details!

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One Life. One Dream. One Game. 

The game is on!Be a part of this slam dunk moment as we launch the basketball court at Kohana Grove.Come to Silang, Cavite on February 26, Sunday at 9 AM and let’s fast break your way to getting that dream house within your dream community! See you at our grand opening! 

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