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Club House

Forest Ridge’s Club House is simple yet classy. This multi-purpose hall can house over a hundred visitors for all kinds of gatherings. Whether you are hosting a small function or having a grand birthday or wedding celebration, there is no need for you to worry about the venue anymore. At Forest Ridge’s Club House, your occasions will definitely be memorable.

Infinity Pool

Nothing is more relaxing than soaking into the blue waters of a splendid infinity pool. You can just lounge around like there is no tomorrow, or stay still as you admire the breathtaking sunset view amidst the cityscape backdrop. Let your worries simply drift away.

Basketball Court

With basketball as one of the widely (if not the most) popular sports in the Philippines, having a court within your community or near your vicinity is a must. At Forest Ridge, you can feel at ease knowing that your kids are playing hoops with their friends within the neighborhood.


Play is essential when it comes to nurturing children. That is why it is really important for a community to have a safe and secure play area for them. Let your kids live their childhoods to the fullest. Let them run free outdoors as our community provides them the recreation area that they deserve.

Linear Park

Forest Ridge dwellers get the benefit of enjoying this spacious Linear Park. You can have a relaxing stroll to start your day right. You can ride your bike and have fun with your friends or have an outdoor picnic. With Linear Park, you do not need to go too far just to walk your dog or find a place to bond with your family.

Landscaped Rotunda

This area is perfect for some lazy walks and even active jogs. Enjoy the scenic landscape design and breathe in some fresh air. Let the tranquil atmosphere relax and revitalize you.

Garden Vista

Forest Ridge’s Garden Vista offers you a quiet place to appreciate the beauty of nature. This community garden is a paradise for those green thumbs and nature lovers. It is also a serene place for those who needs a peaceful view far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Forest Ridge Lane

NorthPine Spaces boasts of Forest Ridge Lane. This commercial strip within the community will provide residents access to convenience stores, water refilling station, dining and cafeterias to make everyday errands and living hassle-free.

Forest Ridge Amenities