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Multi-purpose Pavilion

Hold the memorable events in your life – birthdays, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, reunions – in this multi-purpose hall. Now, there is no need to stress about where to have the venue for your special occasions. This multi-purpose pavilion at Greenwoods is at your disposal.

Swimming Pools

Re-energize and destress in blue and peaceful waters. Greenwoods has several swimming pools of different depths, shapes, and sizes. Practice your professional strokes and do your daily laps or simply have fun frolicking in the waters with your families and friends. Splash and dive into rejuvenation!

Basketball Courts

Playing basketball is indeed part of every Filipino family’s culture. That’s why Greenwoods has several basketball courts in the area which are accessible to the residents. Bring out the MVP in you. Play hard. Bond strong.

Greenwoods Sports Center

Northpine Land understands that sports and recreation are very important for your health. Therefore, a spacious sports center is really a must for every healthy community. Greenwoods Sports Center is a place where you can play tennis, badminton, and other indoor games.

Wellness Park

Be active. Train your muscles. Push yourself to your physical limits. Greenwoods’ Wellness Park is perfect for your need of whole body exercises. It has a set of sequential exercise routines, with instructions for various body parts which you can follow.

Nature Trail

Explore. Exhale. Engage with Mother Nature. Appreciate her beauty in this lush nature trail. You can stroll around alone peacefully or teach your kids the value of taking care of the environment through nature itself. Enjoy the green side of Greenwoods here.

Life Trail

Outdoor play and activity for your little ones is a must. Life Trail at Parkview is a good place where kids can play, learn and interact with other kids around them. It has a wide variety of playground pieces suitable for children. Let your kids experience the fun and excitement of swings, seesaws and monkey bars to better nurture their growth.

Village Chapel

Spirituality is an essential part of human life. A Village Chapel accessible for all the residents was built to become a sanctuary for prayer and meditation. Having a sacred place of worship is the beginning of peace in every community.

Greenwoods Amenities