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Club House

Drift. Dance. Dazzle. Inspired by the enchanting parties of the 19th century, South Hampton’s Club House is perfect for all kinds of occasions. Indulge in an exclusive get-together with your friends and have a tea party. Host a royal ball for a birthday and turn your dreams of a grand celebration into a reality. However simple or luxurious your event is, South Hampton’s multi-purpose hall can accommodate your discriminating needs.

Swimming Pool

Linger. Lounge. Luxuriate. Plunge into the cool waters of South Hampton’s rejuvenating swimming pools and let the pressure of everyday life fade away. With waters as clear and blue as the skies, you will feel refreshed after your dip. The best part of this is that you get to spend quality time with your family as your recreational activity is just a stone’s throw away from your home.


Savor the joy of living the royal lifestyle as you pamper yourself in South Hampton’s jacuzzi. Revel in luxury as the Jacuzzi’s thermal waters relax your muscles and relieve your stress. Whether you would like a quiet retreat or be with your friends, this experience will grant you the serenity that you crave.

Investing in this South Hampton’s house and lot for sale in Laguna gives you access to the community’s Royale Gardens. Take a quiet stroll and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Find a good book and curl beside the beautifully landscaped area. Sprint along the paved trail or do your daily exercises. The whole area is designed to give you a piece of sanctuary while catering to your health and wellness as well.

Hampton Royale

Give in to your delightful cravings and feast with mouth-watering meals and delicacies. You don’t need to drive for miles just to look for good food and cozy ambiance. With Hampton Royale, everyday conveniences are only minutes away.

South Hampton Amenities