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‘Tis the Season for a new Home!

Tis the season for a new home

When the clock ticks at 12:00AM on September 1, Christmas officially starts in the Philippines. Lanterns shining so bright, Christmas songs wherever you go and happy people sharing gifts and smiles, these are true marks of Paskong Pinoy, the longest and the merriest celebration in the world.


Celebrating this happiest time of the year together is an important tradition for every Filipino family. This is when everyone finds time to come home and be with their loved ones, a once a year occasion no one misses amidst very busy schedules. Truly, home is where the genuine essence of Christmas prospers through sharing, giving, spreading love, hope and joy. During any other holidays, going to the beach, out-of-town trips, or fun adventures sound like a plan. On Christmas, there is no place like home to make merry with the kin, even more so if it is in a new house you can finally call your own. Here are three reasons why your family should aim for a new house this Christmas season from NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), one of the trusted real estate developers in the Philippines.

The more (discounts), the merrier

If you think that diving into home buying could be stressful before the festivities, think again. Experts suggest that Christmas can be an ideal time to buy a home. One, everybody would love to enjoy the coming holidays with family and friends and this includes real estate agents. They tend to be keener to market faster which means that they are more likely to offer you amazing discounts.

What’s more, the last two months of the year are considered to be slow season for the property sector. Some prospect buyers defer their purchase which means decided investors could pick up something more special.

2-in-1 celebration

Who wouldn’t love to spend happy holidays in a new home? Everyone will be extra excited to come home to see the realization of your long-term goal. If you are thinking of a grand house blessing, it is but the right time.  Besides the fact a 2-in-1 celebration would be more practical, it could also be the most memorable Christmas for the whole family.

Ending the year with a bang!

A new home is part of everyone’s #lifegoals. Owning one for the family before the year ends is a huge fulfillment and it will provide you a fresh start to face another year. One goal off your list means that you can now move on to achieving your other #lifegoals.

Now, you can say that Christmas is not just the season for giving and loving but also, for INVESTING. A new home, where you can create an exciting future with the family, is surely one of the best gifts you could ever have and share.

Are you ready to make it happen this time? Visit and marvel at Montana Views and Montana Strands, NLI communities in San Fernando City, Pampanga.  Dubbed as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, you could expect nothing but the most exhilarating Christmas with your loved ones in your new home.

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One Last Push, PUSO!

One last push puso

Chot Reyes Teams up with NorthPine Land

NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), trusted developer of premium communities to the middle-income market, rallied its team for a strong finish this 2019 through a talk titled One Last Push, PUSO! headed by Chot Reyes, former Gilas Pilipinas coach.

PUSO! NorthPine Land leaders, namely (left to right): Erwin Buñag (AVP for Construction Management), Amytis S. Banaag (AVP for HRODA), Benigno A. Tatunay (CFO), Ferdinand M. Macabanti (General Manager), Wilhelmina C. de Ere (VP for Corporate Services), Aileen B. Morales (AVP for Sales Operations) and Paul D. Lamagna (AVP for Project Development) power up NLI Sales Force with Coach Chot Reyes (middle).

Skyrocketing sales and new milestones for 2019 did not stop NLI to further push its sales team to sustain the winning attitude. Being the man behind the Filipino well-loved battlecry PUSO, Reyes stressed the value of passion in work and pouring one’s heart in order to foster and maintain a winning culture. The multi-awarded coach also highlighted teamwork and the importance of every member’s efforts, which cumulatively, could lead the team to its goals. Reyes headed the talk during NLI’s second quarter Sales Awards held at The Palms Country Club, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Furthermore, Chot Reyes congratulated the company for surpassing its annual target as early as the third quarter of the year and added that, “Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing. Even if you have already achieved your target, keep going so you won’t fall into the bad habit of losing. Keep pushing and finish strong.”

NLI General Manager Ferdinand Macabanti also shared that, “The very essence of why we’re in the real estate world is to make dreams come to life. With Coach Chot’s inspiring words, I know that NorthPine team will be pushed to share the opportunity to live a better life with a more driven heart.”

Meanwhile, NLI also recognized its major achievers for the quarter, namely Lomavin Acolola Jr. (Top Property Associate), Minda Moreno, (Top Property Division Manager) and Kyre Ching (Top Broker Head). Ultimately, K & L Covenant Partner Marketing Co. clinched the Phoenix Award, the most prestigious recognition given every quarter to the group with the most outstanding current account, highest booked account and biggest cash collections.

NorthPine Land looks forward to accomplishing more exciting milestones before 2019 ends, which includes the launch of Montana Views Lifestyle Hub in the City of San Fernando-Mexico, Pampanga. With its passion and drive reignited, the company is at the top of its game to make a mark as the end of the year draws near. 

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5 Home Decor Tips to Beat Rainy Day Blues

5 home decor tips

Wet roads, filthy floods, heavier traffic and gloomy atmosphere, the monsoon season can definitely dampen your spirit. If you are an outdoorsy person and a summer lover, the rain is truly a foe.

Ah, the comfort of home on wet seasons! This is a time when it could be your only escape from the inconveniences brought by the gloomy days, but sometimes with poorly-designed interiors, you can still end up feeling down even when you are indoors. To get the effect you are looking for, here are five home designing tips this wet season from NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), a developer known for fashioning top-of-the-line living spaces. Make sure to take the interior setup of NLI houses as your pegs.


Liven up a space by throwing in some happy colors. Opt for bright-colored cushion covers and throws or experiment with some bold prints. Swap your greys, blues and dark hues for pinks or bright shades of tangerine such as citrus. Check out how we executed this in the model units below.


Light plays a very important role in the interiors of a home and its décor as it gets rid of the gloomy atmosphere from dark spaces. You can experiment mood lights, scented candles and even chandeliers to make the house look and feel cozy and inviting. Place floor lamps in corners to eliminate shadows and offer a peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room.


Who says that umbrella stands can’t make nice entrance statements? Use a sleek vase or a unique-looking basket at your front door as an umbrella stand and entrance decor at the same time. Similarly, use a non-boring coat hanger to wow your guests! Aesthetics with a purpose is always a smart idea.


Bring out all your vases and empty wine bottles. Fill them up with the colors of the season from local blooms like sunflowers, rain lilies or orchids. There is nothing like a house filled with lovely flowers!


Amidst cool monsoon breezes and rains, wind chimes give a sweet and pleasant sound. The soothing music will surely lift your spirits when you hear it.

Now, you can spend better days at home and just let the rains pour with a feel-good mood. It is as simple as these five simple tips. To better appreciate and understand how these interiors are done, see them in person at Montana Views and Montana Strands, NLI’s lifestyle communities in Pampanga. 

If you have other rainy season-inspired décor ideas in mind and some photos perhaps, share them in the comments below. Happy home-decorating!

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Newest Kahaya Place Amenities Wow Homebuyers

Newest Kahaya Place amenities

Recognized for fashioning leading-edge communities, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) organized a special event in celebration of Family Fun Month where attendees had a first glimpse of the new recreation area at Kahaya Place in Dasmariñas City, Cavite.

NLI recently launched the new community features in its Modern Asian-inspired townhouse project in the South, Kahaya Place. These include the multipurpose pavilion, an ideal venue for any type of events, swimming pool, a spot for recreation or relaxation and covered basketball court, where one can bring out athletic potentials or simply sweat it out. Families were over the moon as they seized the opportunity out of the Family Fun Day event to bond and connect with one another in these stylish facilities. The kids were engaged in different games at the playpen and everyone enjoyed different treats.

Kids spend a fun playtime at #NLIFamilyFunDay.

 “In addition to accessibility, security and affordability that Kahaya Place is known for, the community now boasts of these stunning amenities, where we can picture families spending good moments together and just doing what they love— the very essence of what we do here at NorthPine,” NLI General Manager Ferdinand Macabanti shared.

House Blessing
NLI heads namely (right to left): Erwin Buñag (AVP for Construction Management), Ben Tatunay (CFO), Paul Lamagna (AVP for Project Development), Aileen Morales (AVP for Sales Operations) and Wilma de Ere (VP for Corporate Services) spearhead the blessing of the new amenities at Kahaya Place.

With the recent opening of Kahaya Place Phase II and the unveiling of the new lifestyle spaces, NorthPine Land has provided opportunities for more people to experience a vibrant townhouse living. As NLI carries on its real estate venture, the company commits to develop more spaces that nurture similar advocacies on the ideals of family living.

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Family Day the NorthPine Way

Family Fun Day

On August 18, 2019, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) will host #NLIFamilyFunDay, an event for families to bond like there is no tomorrow as it launches the new amenities at Kahaya Place, its sole townhouse community located in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. With the whole world observing Family Fun Month this August, the company dedicates this one special day to hold exciting activities that will uphold harmony and love among them.


Refreshing stroll outdoors, swimming in the pool, barbecue, a fun picnic, or just a quality time with everyone present and sharing stories and warm laughs, these are only few of the things that makes up a family-friendly  community.  In today’s fast-paced world where there seems to be oodles of factors that take up your time and attention, a neighborhood that fosters family-focused activities is what everyone needs.

As a developer that values precious family moments, NLI works on not just building houses, but fashioning lifestyle communities that are avenues to make these happen. Within these neighborhoods, NLI develops stunning spaces that inspire great bonding time for friends and families.

The new provisions to look out for at Kahaya Place include the multipurpose pavilion, where homeowners can hold important events and celebrate life milestones; the new and spacious covered basketball court, where they can spark their sporty side and play Pinoys’ most-loved game; and the lovely swimming pool, a place to wade in the cool and inviting waters for relaxation. All these spaces will become perfect venues for good moments and happy times that will nurture ties.

During the #NLIFamilyFunDay, NorthPine Land will be giving away generous discounts to homebuyers. These exclusive offers will bring families closer to their dream homes in a community where together, they can play, enjoy and bond.

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NorthPine Land Unveils New Milestones in Cavite

NLI unveils new milestones in Cavite

Halfway through its 2019 venture to make more dreams come to life, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), one of the trusted property developers in the Philippines, proves once again that its real estate footprint in the South continues to expand and be known, with its newest accomplishments in its Cavite projects.

The Prime
The Prime at Greenwoods Village is the company’s finest development which has already become a thriving community over the years.

Giving more families and individuals an opportunity for a life made more easy, the company recently opened more house and lot units in The Prime, NLI’s cream of the crop and one of the sub-villages within the Greenwoods community at Dasmariñas City, Cavite. This leading-edge project continues to thrive through the years since its opening.

In addition, the new Cattleya model house at Kohana Grove in Silang was unveiled with new and even more stunning interiors. This is another step of the company after the expansion of this modern Asian-inspired community, earlier this year.

NLI is also gearing up for the launch of the newest amenities at Kahaya Place, a townhouse community in Dasmariñas City, known for its accessibility and affordability. Happening in August 18, the company is thrilled to offer families a more exciting lifestyle through fresh spaces, which include a multi-purpose pavilion, swimming pool and basketball court. This is something to look out for after the recent launch of the second phase of Kahaya Place.

“We are building more homes in Cavite because NorthPine believes that more families need to experience the comfortable, secure, and vibrant life that our homeowners have been enjoying. This is a commitment we will always live up to,” NLI General Manager Ferdinand Macabanti, shares in an interview.

As the second half of the year kicks off, NorthPine Land is gearing towards more exciting milestones. For a developer that sees the importance of comfortable family living, the company commits to achieve greater heights through building prestigious communities like no other.

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NorthPine Land Marks Bullish Year

NorthPine Land Marks Bullish Year

Trusted developer of premium middle-income communities, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), is in a celebratory mode during its First Quarter Sales Awards as the company’s General Manager Ferdinand Macabanti exclaimed that its mission to make dreams come to life this 2019 is starting out strong.

Quarter 1
Ferdinand Macabanti lauds the whole NorthPine team for such a great start.

As manifested in its sales figures, the company is drawing very close to its target, as early as the first half of 2019. For the company that has been building impeccable lifestyle communities for over 20 years, NorthPine Land proves to have gained the trust of numerous homebuyers. This is something that NLI works on maintaining and further bolstering, by continuously creating the finest spaces that improve the quality of life.

Moreover, several milestones in Pampanga, such as the launch of Nancy at Montana Strands and Rushmore at Montana Views, groundbreaking rites for Montana Strands land development, unveiling of the new amenities at Montana Views, and the opening of more units in Cavite, particularly in The Prime were all accomplished just in the past six months. 

Q1 NLI Heads
BF Realty’s representatives (middle) and NorthPine Land leaders (left to right): Paul Lamagna (AVP for Project Development), Aileen Morales (AVP for Sales Operations), Ben Tatunay (Chief Finance Officer), Ferdinand Macabanti (General Manager), Wilma de Ere (VP for Corporate Services) and Amytis Banaag (AVP for HR and Admin) are all smiles for a triumphant first quarter.

The commitment and collaborative efforts of the company’s sales force made this feat possible. Some of the top performing sellers in the first quarter are: Melody Teaño (Top Property Associate), Rey Nidua (Top Property Division Manager) and Ma. Angelic Sabillo (Top Broker Head), who are all from In-House South Team. Meanwhile, BF Realty headed by Elizabeth Alipalo, took home the glorious Phoenix Award, which is given to the group with the most outstanding current accounts, highest booked accounts, and biggest cash collections for the quarter.

With more and more milestones to unveil, there is no other way to go for NorthPine Land, but to move forward and finish 2019 even stronger.

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Your Dream Home, Just a Click Away

Your Dream Home A Click Away

Log in to the new NorthPine website

Being a prime mover in the real estate game in the Philippines, NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) continues to step up its digital marketing efforts to reach more people looking for their dream home. The company’s newest milestone was officially launched alongside the awarding of NLI’s best performing sellers of 2018.

Giving them better selling chances, Ferdinand Macabanti (NLI’s General Manager) excitedly shares the new website to the sellers.

With a more intuitive and engaging user interface, the new version of is something that NLI is proud to share to the public. Its modern and feel-good web design is an ideal platform that will give an enjoyable experience and a complete access to the premium communities offered by NLI to the middle-income market. Its new features include an updated price list of all the house models, high quality photos of the house facades and interiors, 360˚ virtual reality tour of the communities and some model units, a live chat support that will promptly answer queries from interested buyers and more.

The new NLI blog is also one of the most exciting sections in the company’s improved digital tool. Enjoy  a unique gastronomic experience, learn facts about historical places and events, learn from some home and living feature stories and exchange views with other readers, or just delight in the stunning sceneries  in Pampanga, Cavite and places nearby, through its fresh contents.

The website’s launch was the highlight of NorthPine Land’s 2018 Fourth Quarter and Annual Sales Awards held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City. The major winners of Quarter 4 were: Lomavin Acolola Jr. (Top Property Associate), Maria Luz Obod (Top Property Division Manager) and Kyre Ching (Top Broker Head). Only one was hailed as the Phoenix Awardee, the topmost accolade given to the realty group with the most outstanding current accounts, highest booked accounts, and biggest cash collections for the quarter. K&L Covenant Partner Marketing Co.  proudly bagged the said award and drove home whopping premiums.

Top 3
In this photo are the Top 3 Qualifiers for Property Associate, Property Division Manager, and Broker Head categories who all brought home exciting prizes.

Meanwhile, Melody Teaño (Top Property Associate of 2018), Rey Nidua (Top Property Division Manager of 2018), Ma. Angelic Sabillo (Top 2 Broker Head of 2018), and Kyre Ching (Top 1 Broker Head of 2018) were the grand annual achievers who all drove home brand new cars.

In an interview, the company’s General Manager Ferdinand Macabanti shared that, “The new website will be of great help so people can more easily learn about our premium communities where they can experience the life they’ve been dreaming of. We’re doing this to bring individuals and families closer to their dream house.”

The company is thrilled to share its prestigious portfolio of projects and the newest additions this 2019 including, Nancy in Montana Strands and Rushmore in Montana Views which will both be launched on June 08. These new house models will be featured in the upgraded NLI website. To check this out, just go to